Haus und Garten Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

As the year 2021 began, the excitement for home decorations and gardening trends was at its peak. The leading magazine in the field, „Haus und Garten Trends“, released an edition featuring exclusive insights into the latest home and garden styles. However, with each passing day, the readers of the magazine were experiencing strange occurrences, strange enough to give them chills.

One of the readers, Alex, decided to renovate his bathroom to match the latest trends. The new edition mentioned „black gothic and skull-patterned tiles“ as the must-have in the bathroom decor for the year. Alex picked out the recommended tiles and started with the renovation. However, things started to get strange once he finished the job.

While using the bathroom, Alex realized that the tiles were glowing, giving off an eerie radiance that made him uncomfortable. As days went by, he noticed that the tiles were slowly spreading and consuming everything, casting a gloomy shadow all over his house.

Soon, other readers began to report chilling experiences. Those who followed the magazine’s gardening recommendations experienced unexpected and abnormal growth in their gardens. It wasn’t long before the gardens began to take over the houses, with the plants growing unchecked and overtaking rooms, hallways, and staircases.

It was as if the magazine had unleashed something sinister through its home decor and gardening sections. Alex, along with other readers, knew they had to put an end to the madness. They collaborated and researched the origin of the magazine.

They found out that „Haus und Garten Trends“ was founded by a woman who practiced dark magic. She wrote the articles under a false name and used the magazine to spread her spells to the public unknowingly, hoping to gain power.

Armed with this knowledge, the readers performed an exorcism at the magazine’s head office. They burned all the issues and destroyed all copies of the magazine. The dark magic that was cast through the magazine vanished, and the house and garden trends returned to normal, in line with the natural form of decoration and gardening.

From this day forward, the readers kept a close eye on the trends they followed for their homes and garden, ensuring that they did not fall prey to any dark magic again.